Mango Salad Rolls

I bought a case of mangoes yesterday and was so excited to make one of my favourite dinners – salad rolls!  I picked some basil and cilantro from my garden, chopped up carrots, cucumber and green onion and cooked some vermicelli noodles. Lay down a softened rice wrapper, layer basil or cilantro, sliced veggies and mangos and some noodles and then wrap tightly.  These are fantastic dipped in the peanut sauce I posted last week. 

 I have made these rolls many times and have a couple of tips that have made the process very easy.  I run hot tap water over the dry wrappers rather than putting them in a pan of hot water – if find them less likely to break this way.  I also lay the wrapper on a towel to fill and wrap.  The wrapper will not stick to the towel the way it will stick to a plate or cutting board.

These rolls are vibrant, delicious, sweet, spicy and filling.  This was a perfect dinner for a hot summer night.


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