Vegan Baking Virgin

Unlike my co-blogger I do not consider myself a baker.  I can follow a recipe and turn out a passable cookie or crisp but my confidence with altering or creating recipes is pretty low.  Marmalade taught me how to make my first decent decent pie crust the last time she came to visit and that was a major milestone!

Husband and I have been eating Vegan for almost 3 months now and I am having lots of fun creating vegan versions of our favourite savoury dishes.  I was familiar with different techniques using tofu, nuts, legumes and grains and am comfortable experimenting.  The precise nature of baking recipes is daunting so I thought I would try some recipes from my favourite vegan bloggers and cookbooks to hopefully build my confidence.  Last night I tackled the Banana Crumb Muffins from The Minimalist Baker.   They we easy to make and so delicious!  The batch made ten large muffins.  I used coconut oil in the batter and my homemade vegan butter for the crumb topping.  This was my first time making ‘flax eggs’ and because it worked so well I might atempt to alter one of my favourite non-vegan cookie recipes.

I’m glad I took this picture last night because by the time I got home from work my husband had finished off the rest of the batch!


One thought on “Vegan Baking Virgin

  1. They look fantastic. And with the fruit it makes my mouth water. I make the vegan marbled banana loaf for my vegan friends all the time. They swear it is the best ever. It’s in the recipe book ‘Isa does it’…


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