Canada day maple salmon burgers

With Canada day long weekend upon us, I planned a lovely meal of BBQ salmon, salads and homemade butter tarts. The ingredients were bought the day before, and the day of we headed out for a hike, knowing we have a lovely dinner to make together and enjoy when we get home.

Below: my handsome husband and happy pup  out on the trail


Well, we had a lovely hike, it was a warm day and when we got back to the car, we could barely move… We were exhausted. But we had salmon in the fridge. A dinner to make. So we came up with a short cut.

We stopped at our favourite bakery, Glamorgan bakery in Calgary (makers of the world’s best cheese buns and our wedding cake) and picked up soft whole wheat buns and maple leaf frosted shortbread cookies for dessert.  We are making salmon burgers.


We will not talk about how the cookies ended up broken. Not.

Since we live in the prairies, we buy our salmon frozen. I defrost it in the fridge over night, pat it dry with paper towel, rub with olive oil, and this amazing spice rub Pink Waders (the salmon fishing queen) gifted me.


We grilled the salmon on the BBQ using a grill basket, then added salt and pepper.


I prepped all the ingredients to add – sliced tomatoes, soft local lettuce, avocado, and a little sauce. I love sauce. I mixed light mayo, some Dijon, maple syrup (it’s is Canada day after all!), fresh ground pepper and lots of fresh chives from the garden. Taste until it’s perfect. You can add a pinch of the rub to the sauce just to compliment the flavours.


Now assemble: bottom bun, sauce, lettuce, tomato, salmon, avocado, top bun.


A quick, easy, all in one, way to celebrate Canada day. With a delicious cookie for dessert.


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