Grilled raisin bread sandwich

I love raisin bread. And it doesn’t often make it past the second day in our house. I like it fresh with jam or cheese, and as buttered toast for breakfast the next day. I even make French toast with it. Once in a while, it survives until lunch time, and then I make one of my all time favourite grilled sandwiches.


Butter/margarine the outsides of what will be your sandwich, while heating up your grill or pan. Mix some Dijon and honey (roughly equal parts) or use store bought honey Dijon.

Now layer on the grill: slice of bread, generous amount of honey Dijon, 2 slices of ham (I love Rosemary ham), a slice of cheddar, and then thinly sliced Apple. Top with the other slice of bread and grill away.

Make sure you let this one cool a bit before tucking in. between the crunchy Apple, the sweet and salty, the kick from the Dijon and melty cheese you will be in heaven.


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