Fresh Okanagan Peach Cake

I only make peach cake during one time of year, and that’s when the peaches are coming in from the Okanagan valley in BC. They are just the juiciest, loveliest things, and we devour them. When we are starting to get our fill, I spare 4 of them to make fresh peach cake.

The cake is delicious warm from the oven with vanilla ice-cream, or at room temperature the next morning with your coffee. Would work great for a brunch, or a coffee date. I omit the nuts in the recipe, use really good Vietnamese Cinnamon, and add in an extra peach. I then bake it in a 10 inch round springform, instead of the square pan in the recipe. I always find it takes about 55 minutes in the oven as well.

If you have the time, you can make pretty arrangements with the peaches on the top layer. Assembly is: batter, peach slices, 2/3 of the sugar cinnamon mixture, then the rest of the batter, peaches, and sugar. Use your not so pretty slices in the middle. A little metal spreader (used for frosting cakes) spreads the batter nicely in the pan.

Here’s the recipe from Ina Garten:

Here it is straight from the oven. I loosen the edges with a knife, take the sides of the pan off and put it on a serving platter. So pretty!



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