Cheesecake!  Gluten-free and Vegan 

We threw an impromptu BBQ on Friday night for an old friend, his two kids and his new girlfriend.  She had us over for dinner a few weeks ago and is a fantastic cook so I wanted to say thank you by preparing a special dessert.  Our friend has a severe wheat allergy so the challenge was a gluten, vegan impressive dessert.  I turned to my co-blogger for advice and she suggested cheesecake.  I used a recipe from

The filling is a combination of coconut cream (I used the thick part of a cold can of coconut milk), soaked cashews, vegan cream cheese, maple syrup and arrowroot powder as a thickener.  The crust was ground almonds and oats (finding certified wheat free oats was a challenge!).

I have linked to the cheesecake recipe as I followed it exactly.  It was delicious but next time I will tweak the filling and crust flavours.  I think the filling would be great with key-lime and the crust was a little too dense.  Stay tuned for cheesecake 2.0!

To go with the cheesecake I used the same blueberry sauce from the pancake recipe I posted yesterday.  

I wanted to take a nice cross section picture of the cheesecake but by the time I reached for the camera this is all that was left.


2 thoughts on “Cheesecake!  Gluten-free and Vegan 

  1. I was going to suggest some lemon zest in the filling. It sure looks fantastic. When I made vegan cheesecake in the past I always made it in individual serving dishes because I was so terrified it wouldn’t come out. Looks like yours came out no problem!


    1. I used a springform greased with a little coconut oil and it popped right out.

      The recipe had lemon but not enough to cut through the maple syrup – I like really tangy cheesecake!


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