Soft Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are one of my safe foods. As someone with Crohn’s and a recent Lupus diagnoses (to name a few of my adventures in health care the last 10 years…), I really have to listen to my body in regards to what I eat. One thing that always seems to work is scrambled eggs. Not only is it soft, warm and easy to digest, it is full of protein. Last week I consisted purely on scrambled eggs, white toast and electrolytes for 3 days. So not only do I consider myself an expert at making them, but I have trained my husband to as well, so he can slide the plate over to me as I lay on the floor clutching a garbage can. I am pretty sure he seasons the eggs with freshly grated Zofran. (Too much information? Probably. Sorry. Please keep reading the post anyway).


It is important to buy the best eggs your budget will allow. In the summer time I can buy these beauties from the farmer’s market, in the winter I go with what the supermarket has to offer. It is worth doing the research to find a brand that you are ethically comfortable with. Well cared for chickens give better eggs with better nutrition. Store your eggs in the cardboard containers, not styrofoam or plastic, as it shields them from fridge odours.


First, preheat your pan on low with a pat of butter. I use non stick pans solely for making scrambled eggs. Use these pans on low heat, and hand wash, they will last you many years.

Next, in a dish whisk 2 eggs per person with a splash of milk. When your butter is melted, swirl around the pan and pour in your egg mixture.

Here comes the crucial part. Gently push the eggs from one side of the pan to the other with a spatula. This allows these big soft pieces of egg to form.

Do this until they are just about all cooked, then turn the heat off. The residual heat in the pan will allow them to finish cooking. (When I am not sick, I will sometimes throw in some chives or freshly grated cheese at this point).

Toast up some bread, english muffins, bagels, whatever you like. And grab some ketchup. Slide the eggs gently on to your plate.



Add a sprinkle of fine sea salt and/or freshly ground pepper if you so desire.

And don’t forget to share! My cats and dog also enjoy some scrambled eggs. Below Scout is enjoying egg, english muffin and kibble for breakfast.



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